Thursday, 7 June 2012

Search best bets

This is a quick win, and something most of my clients request or ask about when discussions around search begin: "How can I have an article appear at the top of a search result when a user searches for x". Quite simple really, SharePoint 2010 has an easy to use and easy to configure solution aptly named Best Bets.

This is all good and well, but "how do I configure it?" I hear you ask, well here's how:

1. Navigate to Site Actions > Site settings
2. Click on the "Search keywords"  link (found under the Site Collection Administration section.
3. You will now be presented with the following screen.

4. Press the Add Keyword button as circled (with much artistic skill may I add) above.
5. Now fill in the form provided (see the image below)
4. Once you have added the necessary fields click ok and your best bet has been set up. Testing the search will reveal the following - notice the top two results with the stars (those would be your best bet results):

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